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Fuel efficiency

Compare in a few steps your current and future operational costs and fuel consumption after suitable greening options.

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Greening options

Learn which retrofit greening options are the most effective for you and your vessel. See immediately the return of investment.

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Reduce pollution

Learn about the emissions of your vessel after applying greening options. Learn more about global environmental impact of greening techniques, calculate the emissions of different vessel types.

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Change your choice of greening options at any time and review the results for your convenience and its effect on the emissions reduction.

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The objective of the IWT Greening Tool is to offer vessel owners/operators, policy makers or other stakeholders state-of-the-art information about the different retrofit greening option technologies currently available for application on existing vessels.

This tool will also give an estimate of the return on investment for the different greening options as well as its potential impact on emissions based on the best available information. Greening technologies are constantly being developed and fine-tuned. Our team aims at keeping the information up-to-date by including the latest known results of ongoing research in the field of greening of the fleet.

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The IWT Greening Tool is constantly updated in order to contain the latest results of ongoing applied research in the field. You can help us keeping the IWT Greening Tool up to date by giving feedback; let us know whether the values used are up to date and/or information is lacking.

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Stichting Projecten Binnenvaart is a foundation, established by the Dutch IWT sector organisations to manage and participate in projects to promote and further develop the IWT sector. EICB's main task is to improve the innovation process in the sector and the dissemination of new ideas.